Corporate Social Responsibility Management

In 2018, Bank SUMUT won two trophies from the 2018 Top CSR Award in the 2018 Top CSR Improvement category for the North Sumatra Bank and Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2018 for the Managing Director of Bank of North Sumatra, and won the Platinum Award at the Indonesia Corporate Social Responsibility Award ( ICSRA) -II-2018 organized by Economic Review Magazine in collaboration with the Indonesia Asia Institute.

Motto CSR

CSR for EARTH Bank Sumut

Empathy / Empathy:
The complexity of social problems, especially in the environment and surrounding communities, certainly becomes a concern and fosters awareness and empathy for Bank SUMUT.

Awareness / Awareness:
Bank SUMUT realizes that the existence of a company does not merely pursue financial profit, but also promotes business ethics, especially its concern and contribution to the environment and surrounding communities.

Responsibility / Responsibilities:
Bank SUMUT’s CSR program is a commitment and form of responsibility born of its own awareness in an effort to realize community empowerment through increasing human resources and sustainable management of natural resources and synergizing with stakeholders.

Transparency / Transparency:
The North Sumatra Bank’s CSR program is implemented in a transparent manner in accordance with the principles of compliance and Good Corporate Governance (GCG).

Harmony / Harmony:
With the North Sumatra Bank CSR Program it is expected that companies, communities and the surrounding environment can coexist in harmony, together feeling comfortable and together enjoying prosperity.

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