About GCG Sumut Banks

Bank SUMUT realizes that the implementation of Governance is an absolute necessity in dealing with risks and business competition going forward. Consistent implementation of Governance is believed to strengthen Bank SUMUT's position in facing business competition challenges, increase effectiveness and efficiency in managing resources, maximize corporate value and in the long term can increase stakeholder trust so that Bank SUMUT can operate and grow in a sustainable manner.


PT BANK SUMUT has implemented SMAP SNI ISO 37001: 2016


Do you know? PT Bank Sumut has implemented an Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP). SMAP is a form of our commitment as a measure to prevent corruption, in this case bribery within the PT Bank Sumut workforce environment so that it can work with corporate values ​​and corporate culture, the principles of Good Corporate Governance and commitment to the Corruption Eradication Commission and creating a culture of anti-bribery and strong control.

As reflected in the Corporate Value & Corporate Culture, the Principles of Good Corporate Governance and commitment to the KPK as a strategic partner, PT Bank Sumut has carried out several things including Expansion of LHKPN Reporting, Signing of the Integrity Pact, Establishing the UPG of PT Bank Sumut, and Carrying Out the Signing of a Joint Commitment to Implementation Anti-Bribery Management System on September 12 2022, then on November 16 2022 in this case the Medan Branch Office and the Credit Rescue Division won SNI ISO 37001: 2016.