Overview of the North Sumatra Bank Office & ATM Network

Since its establishment on November 4, 1961, Bank SUMUT until now has had 3 Coordinator Branch Offices, 33 Conventional Branch Offices and 5 Sharia Branch Offices. In addition, it is spread throughout the Provinces of North Sumatra and DKI Jakarta as many as 97 Conventional KCPs, 17 Sharia KCPs, 34 Cash Offices, 65 Payment Point outlets. To serve areas that are not reached by the office, Bank SUMUT has opened 29 Mobile Cash Units that reach remote areas to serve the needs of the community. Not only that, Bank SUMUT also has 239 units of Automated Teller Machines which are connected online among other SUMUT Banks for 24 hours, as well as integrated with the ATM Bersama network so that they can make transactions between banks anytime and anywhere in more than 40,000 ATM spread throughout Indonesia.