Achievement PT. Bank Sumut

Tempo Financial Award 2021

PT Bank Sumut once again won the achievement for the performance it has achieved. In the 2021 Tempo Financial Award, Tempo Media Group in collaboration with Indonesia Banking Institute awarded the title to lenders for achieving required criteria.

PT Bank Sumut was named the winner of the 2021 Tempo Financial Award (TFA) for two categories simultaneously, namely The Best Financial Performance for Bank Category BPD with Assets > IDR 30 Trillion and The Best Financial Resilience Bank Category BPD Assets > IDR 30 Trillion.

The award was received by President Director of Bank Sumut, Rahmat Fadillah Pohan and President Commissioner of Bank Sumut, Brata Kesuma on Tuesday, 19 October 2021 at JS Luwansa Hotel, Jakarta. The award was handed out in a series of events at the 2021 Tempo Financial Award Awards. The event was also attended by Non-Independent Commissioner of Bank Sumut, Syahruddin Siregar and Corporate Secretary, Syahdan Ridwan Siregar.

This achievement was given as a form of appreciation for financial industries within the country who have made major contributions in advancing the Indonesian economy, especially in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. Hopefully, this achievement could further motivate the Bank to get better achievements in the future.

TOP BUMD Awards 2021

TOP BUMD Awards 2021 (Regional-Owned Enterprises) were again given by Top Business magazine in collaboration with the Regional Autonomy Institute (i-OTDA) and the Nawacita Study Institute (LKN), as well as Assessment Team from several institutions, located at Dian Ballroom, Raffles Hotel, Jakarta , Friday, September 10, 2021.


PT Bank Sumut won four categories simultaneously, namely, TOP of The TOP BUMD 2021, TOP CEO BUMD 2021, TOP BUMD Awards 2021 BPD #Bintang  5***** which were received by Commissioner of Bank Sumut Syaiful Azhar and Marketing Director of Bank Sumut Hadi Sucipto and 2021 BUMD Advisory Trustees TOP award which was won by the Governor of North Sumatra, represented by the Assistant for Economics and Development, Arief Try Nugroho.


In his remarks representing the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, the Minister of SOEs of the Republic of Indonesia Erick Thohir appreciated the award and emphasized the importance of synergy between state-owned enterprise (BUMN) and regional-owned enterprise (BUMD).

Marketeer of The Year 2017

Direktur Utama PT Bank Sumut Edie Rizliyanto diberikan penghargaan Marketeer of The Year 2017 oleh MarkPlus Inc karena dinilai telah membawa dampak positif signifikan terhadap kinerja perusahaan dan masyarakat luas. Penghargaan bergengsi tahunan ini diberikan kepada pelaku atau pemimpin bisnis di Indonesia yang telah menunjukkan kinerja cemerlang dan berhasil dalam usaha memasarkan perusahaannya.

Top Digital Awards 2020

Entering the end of the year, Bank Sumut continued gaining various achievements. This time, Bank Sumut won the title of Top Level 3, Top Digital Implementation 2020 on BPD Sector, in the Top Digital Awards 2020 which was held by IT Works Magazine. Head of IT Division of Bank Sumut, Mahdian Putra Lubis was present on behalf of the management to receive the award at Dian Ballroom, Raffles Hotel Jakarta, Tuesday (22/12).


Top Digital Awards were given to the best companies within the country for their implementations, achievements and innovations related to performance in information technology and digital technology.

TOP BUMD Awards 2020

Bank Sumut once again won the TOP BUMD Awards 2020, which was organized by TOP Bussines Magazine in collaboration with the Regional Autonomy Institute (i-OTDA).

During the awarding ceremony, held at Sultan Hotel Jakarta, Thursday (27/8), Bank Sumut successfully brought three trophies, namely TOP BUMD 2020 BUMD achieved by North Sumatra Governor Edy Rahmayadi, 4 Star TOP BUMD Awards 2020 and TOP 2020 BUMD CEO which was awarded by President Director of PT. Bank Sumut Muchammad Budi Utomo. Also present at the event, representing the Governor of North Sumatra, Head of North Sumatra Regional Liaison Agency, Drs. Nursalim Affan Hasibuan, M. Si, Commissioner of PT Bank Sumut Syahruddin Siregar who was accompanied by Jakarta Branch Manager Ali Akbar Putra.

This award was the result of the hard work of all Bank Sumut personnel, from managers to employees. This award became a motivation for Bank Sumut to continue maintaining its performance, especially in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic. This achievement derived from the support of all stakeholders of the bank, from customers to all shareholders of Bank Sumut, particularly the Provincial Government of North Sumatra. 

International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

Bank SUMUT memperoleh penghargaan International Council for Small Business (ICSB) Indonesia Presidential Award 2016 untuk kategori Business Practitioner dalam penyelenggaraan acara Gebyar UKM Indonesia 2016, Selasa, (4/10/2016) di Gedung RRI Medan. Penghargaan ini diterima secara langsung oleh Pemimpin Bidang Kredit UMKM, Khairil Anwar.